Political Spin

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As the 2008 elections approach, conscientious voters have their hands full trying to cut through all the
rhetoric and distractions to hear what the candidates really stand for. On this
episode of Vermont Edition, we explore political spin – on the national level
and in the Green Mountain state. Our guest, Middlebury
Political Science Professor Emeritus Eric Davis, helps us sort through the
different forms spin can take and looks at some examples from current
campaigns. Also on the program is Kate O’Connor, former Special Assistant to
Howard Dean. O’Connor got a crash course in spin when she took her candidate to
the national level. (Listen)

Also on the program, Dreams of the Presidents. Vermont poet Charles Barasch has imagined a dream poem for
each U.S. President and compiled them in a new book. The results are touching,
sometimes funny, and full of historical insight. (Listen)

Upcoming Barasch Programs

September 26 Blinking Light Gallery, Plainfield 7 P.M.
October 4 Longfellow Books, Portland, ME 4 P.M.
October 6 River Run Bookstore, Portsmouth, NH 7 P.M.
October 20 Kellogg-Hubbard Library, Montpelier 7 P.M.
November 12 South Burlington Library Noon
December 5 Book Revue, Huntington, NY 7 P.M.

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