Photographing Vermont

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Fall is the perfect time to get outside with your camera to
capture mountains against a stormy sky, that one perfect orange leaf or the
sight of your children running for the bus. 
We hear from Leicester
photographer Don Ross about what draws him to his craft.  And, photographer and teacher David Middleton
joins us to answer all of your questions about low light, over-exposure,
blur…even how to find inspiration. 

View our photo gallery of Vermont photography here

Also, on August, the post 9-11 GI Bill went
into effect, providing veterans with the most extensive educational benefits
since World War II.  But there have been some serious logistical problems getting the benefits to
soldiers.  We talk with Jacqui
Carlomagno, the Director of the Veterans Education and Training State Approving
Agency about the implications this new bill has for Vermont
veterans and Vermont Schools. 


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