Patients’ Voices On Overhauling Health Care

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All week we’ve been hearing from physicians, lawmakers and health care experts on the many ideas for revamping health care. On the last in our Vital Signs series of programs we want to hear from you.

Among the changes we’ve been discussing and debating:

  • Adopting a public/private single payer health care system that insures everyone.
  • Containing costs by moving away from fee-for-service payments and providing incentives to doctors for preventative care and payments based on outcomes.
  • The need for consumers to play a bigger role in their own care through healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Looking at our approach to expensive end-of-life care.

Do you think you’ll be better off under the single payer plan that Vermont is on track to adopt? 

We’ll listen to your comments and talk with Steve Kappel, who teaches health care policy at the University of Vermont and Paul Harrington, Executive Vice President of the Vermont Medical Society, which represents physicians and medical school students.

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