Old Is New: Grazing And Grass-Fed Animals

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Imagine the bucolic landscape of animals grazing in an open pasture. That scene is the reality for farmers who are raising grass-fed animals, but it belies the work and challenges of a grazing operation. We talk about the benefits and hardships of grazing and grass-fed farming, and why some farmers and consumers are dedicated to the practice. Our guests are Bruce Hennessey of Maple Wind Farm in Huntington and Jenn Colby, coordinator of the Pasture Program at the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture.


Also in the program, Tropical Storm Irene wiped out or contaminated farmers’ hay and feed corn. This has added to the toll the storm has taken on many of the state’s farms. Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross discusses the extent of the crop damage and how farmers are coping.


And, the music of
Burlington singer-songwriter Rebecca Kopycinski, also known as Nuda Veritas. Her passionate vocals and "wall of sound" arrangements produce powerful music in her recordings and onstage.

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