New credit card law: impact on consumers

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Predatory lending, abuse, usury — these were some of the accusations that were flying at credit card companies as Congress debated a bill that would give consumers some protection from rate hikes and fees. Now that bill has passed the U.S. Senate and President Obama plans to sign it by Monday. On the next Vermont Edition, we look at the credit card reforms that are being enacted, and what they means for the way people use credit cards and manage their debt. (Listen)


Also in the program, there have been several environmental stories in the national news this week, including cap and trade policies, auto emissions and forestland protection. Reporter Candace Page explains how Vermont played a key role in these national issues. (Listen)

And, there are still a few places in Vermont where you can take a turn at candlepin bowling, the older but less popular version of the sport. We pay a visit to the Candlepin Lanes in Derby. (Listen)

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