My Vermont Project: Electricity Sources

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As Vermont faces
critical decisions on where to get its electricity, how do we balance cost with
environmental impact?

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Our Current Electrical

Vermont’s current mix of electricity sources developed over
many decades, with the demand for more electricity consistently growing. We examine where electricity usage is growing
geographically, what sectors are creating the demand, and how much of it can be
curtailed through conservation and efficiency efforts. (Listen)

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Choices for
the Future

Keeping electric rates low
is critical to the state’s economy and Vermonters’ pockets, but the environmental
impact and long-term sustainability of our electricity sources is a also a
priority. We’ll look at where we’ll get our electricity in the future and how
much we’ll need. What role can renewable sources and alternative energy
realistically play? How diversified will Vermont’s energy portfolio become if it Hydro-Quebec or
Vermont Yankee are removed from the mix? We look at what roles reduction in
demand and generation of small-scale power will have in keeping local control over
the problem. (Listen)


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