Marketing Pharmaceuticals in Vermont

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Pharmaceutical companies spent more than $3.1 million
dollars in Vermont last year, to
influence doctors to prescribe their products.
According to a new report issued by the Attorney General’s office, that
number is up 33% from last year. We take
a closer look at the results of the report with Assistant Attorney General
Julie Brill. Then we delve into a
discussion on the ethics of marketing drugs, with UVM Physician Dr. Richard
Pinckney. (Listen)


Also, did you buy a new flat screen television or a diamond
ring last weekend? Lawmakers encouraged
Vermonters to save their big purchases for the state’s "tax free" weekend, but
just how many people actually took advantage of it? We talk with Rutland Herald Business reporter,
Bruce Edwards, about the weekend’s results. (Listen)


And, earlier
this year we told you about the Expresso Book Machine at Northshire Books in Manchester. The device can make a book-cover and all-in a
matter of minutes. We were curious about what sorts of books people are writing and publishing, so we went back to the store to find out. (Listen)




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