Managing The Needs Of Vermont’s Homeless

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The recent Occupy protests in Burlington brought to light problems of
mental illness and substance abuse among some homeless people, but
advocates say that doesn’t tell the whole story. We look at the
entrenched issues facing some of Vermont’s homeless population and the
resources to help them. Our guests are Matt Young, supervisor of the
Howard Center’s Street Outreach Team in Burlington, Brooke Hadwen, director of the Community Support Program at the Burlington Police Department, and Rita Markley, executive director
of COTS, the Committee On Temporary Shelter.

in the program, an interview with Edward Behr, publisher of the foodie
quarterly Art of Eating, based in Saint Johnsbury. The magazine is
celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary with a cookbook that emphasizes
tradition, simplicity and sense of place.



Art Of Eating Recipes

Pesto Trapanese (pdf)

Poulet au Vin Jaune et aux Morilles (pdf)

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