Major General Michael Dubie on Afghanistan

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Vermont National Guard troops headed to Afghanistan
this fall will face a different, possibly more dangerous mission.  We talk with Major General Michael Dubie
about how soldiers will now work on more security operations, and how their work
fits into the U.S.’s
larger strategy in Afghanistan. Listen

Also, we talk with VPR reporter John Dillon about ongoing
service problems with Fairpoint.  On Wednesday, regulators from Maine, New
Hampshire, and Vermont
will hold a joint hearing to question FairPoint executives the company’s
problems. Listen

And, we learn how some researchers and volunteers in Vermont
are hoping wasps will help point them in the direction of the destructive Emerald
Ash borer beetle. Listen



Gen. Dubie photo credit:  AP/Alden Pellett

Wasp photo credit:  VPR/Steve Zind

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