Lincoln Bicentennial Program

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Abraham Lincoln had the confidence to choose a cabinet that included people who disagreed with him. He kept his eye on his moral compass and his goal, which was, ultimately, keeping the Union together. He believed deeply in equality of opportunity, but refused to be rushed into the Emancipation Proclamation until he judged the time was right.

On the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, we talk with Presidential Scholar and biographer Willard Sterne Randall and with Seth Bongartz of Manchester’s Hildene, the former home of Robert Todd Lincoln. We’ll look at some of the key decisions Lincoln made during his presidency and consider how they resonate with our own times.(Listen)

Also, Vermonters mark the anniversary of Lincoln’s birth with the ringing of steeple bells. (Listen)

And we talk with Bennington College President Elizabeth Coleman about the college’s new $20 million building project and what it has to do with the role she believes higher education must assume in solving contemporary problems and keeping our Democracy vital. (Listen)


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