Lawmakers look ahead

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A new Legislature begins its work in a few days, and each member brings a different perspective to the big issues facing Vermont. On the next Vermont Edition will talk with Senator Bill Doyle, one of Vermont’s longest-serving lawmakers, and Kesha Ram, who, at 22 years old, is beginning her first term in the House. We’ll learn what motivates them to serve, and what they believe they can accomplish in the next two years.(Listen)

Also in the program, how a bill becomes a law. Only a fraction of the
bills introduced during the legislative session ever make it into law.
We talk with Bill Russell, who just retired after 36 years of working
on the Legislative Council, about the obstacles faced by each piece of
legislation as it works its way through the long process from idea to
reality. (Listen)

And Statehouse curator David Schutz reveals some of the history of that iconic building of state government. In the first of a five-part series, Schutz explains how frugality was behind the preservation of gas lamps that are now a national treasure. (Listen)

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