Landlords’ Rights

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The Senate has unanimously approved a bill that makes it
easier for landlords to evict problem tenants.
S.372 is now before a House committee.
If the bill becomes law, landlords would no longer have to prove that a
tenant received an eviction notice, as long as the notice was sent though
certified mail. Also, the bill shortens
eviction notice periods, and allows landlords to continue with the eviction
process even if they receive partial rent payments. Landlords in Vermont
say the changes are needed to help balance tenants’ rights. But opponents insist that our state’s current
law already works. We examine both sides
of the issue with the bill’s lead sponsor, Senator Bill Carris, and with
Vermont Legal Aid Attorney Jack McCullough. (Listen)

Also, UVM recently cut funding for its Canadian Studies
Program, citing lack of student interest.
We talk with the program’s director, Paul Martin, about how those cuts
will impact the department and why interest in what’s happening north of the
border may be waning. (Listen)

And, everyone has a favorite hairdresser. We visit a Middlebury institution who’s been
cutting hair since he was a kid. (Listen)

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