It’s a Google world out there

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First it was a search engine, then a verb, and then it was a high-priced stock: Google is many things to many people. On the next Vermont Edition, we’ll explore how Google has changed our expectations for quick access to information and methods of sharing data, and how it’s stretched our thinking around digital privacy. From GPS cell phone tracking, to sophisticated ways to target advertising – we examine the world of Google with the company’s U.S. community affairs manager, Matt Dunne. (Listen)

Also on the program, Vermont Treasurer Jeb Spaulding explains why he supports VSAC’s request for $50 million in moral obligation debt. Critics say it’s the state’s version of a bailout promise, but backers say the money will serve to reassure investors and is unlikely to be drawn down. Spaulding explains the mechanics behind the finance tool intended for critical state entities. (Listen)

And social commentator Tim Johnson considers surveillance cameras, credit card purchases and Google Earth, and wonders about all the ways he’s being monitored. (Listen)

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