Instant Runoff Voting

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Last spring, Vermont’s Senate passed a bill in support of
Instant Runoff Voting for congressional races, and this session, the House is
due to vote on it. Instant
Runoff Voting is a system where voters rank candidates, and a winning candidate
must receive a majority of the votes. The
city of Burlington first used IRV
in its mayoral race in 2006. We
talk over the pros and cons of such a system with Burlington Rep. Chris Pearson,
and Rutland Sen. Kevin Mullin. (Listen)


Also, Valley News reporter John Gregg joins us to talk about
how some neighbors are fighting a proposed homeless shelter in White River
Junction. (Listen)


And, we hear sounds from this year’s White Coat Ceremony at
the University of Vermont. The ceremony is a symbolic gesture for first
year medical students, and marks the official beginning of their clinical
education. (Listen)

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