Hospital Budgets In An Age of Reform

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Vermont’s 14 hospitals have submitted their budgets for review, and the state has required they hold the line on revenue increases. Thursday on Vermont Edition, we look at how hospitals manage the pressures on their budgets, and how the state’s health care reform plans are making significant changes to hospital finances. Our guests are Tom Huebner, CEO of Rutland Regional Medical Center, Jim Daily, CEO of Porter Medical Center in Middlebury, and Michael Del Trecco of the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems.

Also in the program, BISCHA Commissioner Steve Kimbell explains how the process of approving hospital budgets has changed as the Shumlin administration works to overhaul Vermont’s health care system.

And we get a hot lesson in glass blowing as part of our Summer School series. Artist Bud Shriner of Charlotte explains the finer points of using fire and heat to create glassware.

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