Health Care Board Sets Priorities

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The health care overhaul bill that was the centerpiece of Governor Peter Shumlin’s legislative agenda last winter left many critical decisions to a five-member board that would determine the nuts and bolts of transforming Vermont’s health care delivery and payment system. That board was named this month: chairwoman Anya Rader Wallck, Dr. Karen Hein, Dr. Allan Ramsay, businessman Al Gobeille, and Con Hogan. Allan Ramsay, M.D. Friday on Vermont Edition, host Bob Kinzel talks with Wallack, Gobielle and Ramsay about what the board will attempt in the coming year, like moving away from a fee-for-service payment model, emphasizing primary and preventative care, and controlling costs.

Also in the program, Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross explains what organic farms need to do to restore their fields after the flooding of Tropical Storm Irene, and how floodwaters affect organic certification.

And we listen back to some of the voices in this week’s news.



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