Gov. Jim Douglas

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Governor Jim
Douglas’ office has been in a high-profile disagreement with the EPA about
cleaning up Lake Champlain. The EPA says the state isn’t showing enough results in reducing phosphorous from the lake, but Douglas says Vermont’s efforts are a model other states should follow. Host Bob Kinzel talks with the governor about this issue, rising
energy prices, and the future of the Vermont
Yankee nuclear power plant.


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Comments from listeners:

Ted in Burlington:
This is just another example of Stephen Johnson’s inability to acknowledge when to get out of the way when states ideas supersede those of the federal government. With all due respect, I wonder what gave you any reason to trust this administration relative to environmental issues. They are just now acknowledging climate change. They don’t believe in evolution and have received considerable PAC money from coal and oil companies. Stephen Johnson has proven his disposition towards states rights relative to the CAFE standards. Please now that this EPA is not a friend of Vermont and not a friend of the planet.

What are your thoughts on putting a serious curb on urban phosphorus sources. Would this require tough implementation of lawn fertilizer requirements? Urban sources are the elephant in the room but we continue to blame agriculture. I ive in Burlington I should know.

Jean from Ripton:
Excuse me, Governer Jim Douglas needs to stand up and be the real Governor Douglas or get out. He does not actually act out in a straight-forward manner, who says who he is and what he would like to see happen. Is this who we want to lead Vermont into an even more complex four years? No! Gaye [Symington] is putting in place the real effort in
energy efficiency and she is doing the job. She has earned the title of governor before she is elected in November!




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