Gauging Wind’s Place In Vermont

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now in Vermont, more than a dozen industrial wind projects are
operating, under construction or proposed. While surveys indicate that a
majority of Vermonters support wind energy, projects across the state are
meeting with vocal opposition. We get a status update on many of these projects
from VPR’s John Dillon. And we talk to Alan Betts, a climate scientist whose research is funded by the National
Science Foundation, and Luke Snelling, the
executive director of Energize Vermont, a statewide responsible renewable energy development
group, about the state’s relationship to wind, and whether – and where – it
fits in Vermont.

on the program, there’s a botanical bully in our midst-the yellow iris. It may
look pretty, but botanists say it’s a highly invasive flower that crowds out
native species and can severely damage wetland habitats. We talk to Emily
DeBolt, director of the Lake George Association Director, about the yellow
iris, and why the Association is now asking people to be on the lookout for the
yellow iris, and pull it out.


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