Fish Hatcheries

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From trout and salmon, to walleye, Vermont’s five fish hatcheries produce 1.5 million fish each year.  We look into how those hatchery-raised fish make their way to Vermont’s lakes, ponds and rivers, and what impact their stocking has on both the ecosystem and the sport of fishing.  Our guests include Tom Wiggins, who runs the state’s five hatcheries. (Listen)

Also, we talk with Tony Cicoria, an orthopedic surgeon who became a pianist at the age of 42, after being struck by lightning.  While he got a clean bill of health from his doctors, he developed an insatiable urge to hear and play the piano.  Cicoria now performs around the world, and
will play in Bennington this weekend. (Listen)

And, we’ll check out a rite of passage at a small southern Vermont high school, where graduating seniors are grilled by a committee that determines whether or not they’re ready to take on the world. (Listen)

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