Family members cope with mental illness

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When someone suffers from a serious mental illness like
schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, most of the focus turns to the patient.  But for a parent, spouse, sibling or child,
the diagnosis can be just as difficult to deal with. 

We learn more about the challenges of living
with someone who has a serious mental illness, and how family members can
connect with each other and learn to cope with the ups and downs.  The National Alliance on Mental Illness in Vermont
(NAMI-VT) runs a course specifically for family members, and we talk with one
of the group’s longtime instructors, Sarah Chamberlain, about how she works
with family members.

Also, less than twenty years ago, Burlington’s
Champlain College
only offered associate’s degrees.  Today,
the school has one of the state’s fastest growing enrollments for students
seeking bachelor’s degrees.  We visit Champlain
College and talk with President
David Finney about the school’s recent expansions and its future plans.

Plus, anyone for box lacrosse? We find out about the indoor
version of a game that was started by Native Americans.

NAMI-VT phone number: 1-800-639-6480


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