Family Feasts And Holiday Food Traditions

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Holidays are all about food and traditions at the table. We’ve invited two Vermont chefs, father and son, to share their stories and ideas about families, cooking and holiday food. Our guests are Patrick Matecat, who was the longtime chef at the Common Man restaurant in Mad River Valley, and his son Jean-Luc Matecat, head of the chef’s table at Amuse in Essex.

Also in the program, wood carver Gary Starr. He’s been carving birds for more than 50 years, and his ornaments have graced a White House Christmas tree. Starr shows VPR’s Jane Lindholm around his studio, and explains how he turns a block of wood into a bird that looks like a living, breathing member of its species.

And, we visit a farm to learn about a small-batch butter operation that has earned gastronomic acclaim. Diane St. Clair and her seven Jersey cows at Animal Farm in Orwell produce farmstead butter that can only be found at a few of the country’s top restaurants… and at the Middlebury Co-op.

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