Entrepreneurs Expand Vt. Tech Sector

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Companies like Dealer.com and MyWebGrocer have gained prominence in both
Vermont and in their national markets, and they’re a signal of
Vermont’s growing tech sector. VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb hosts a discussion
of the conditions technology companies need to start-up and grow in
Vermont, from infrastructure to a tech-savvy workforce to business
culture that embraces tech entrepreneurship. Our guest is John Canning,
president of the Vermont Technology Alliance, and we talk to a few of
the tech companies that are thriving in Vermont.

in the program, Armando Vilaseca. Vermont’s
education commissioner recently made a trip to Cuba with students to learn more about the country’s education system, particularly its high literacy rate. He talks with VPR’s Bob Kinzel about what they observed.

And we catch up with kids who
love radio. Every summer, the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
hosts a Radio Camp for kids at VPR. We hear an excerpt from the radio
play the campers produced this summer.

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