Energy Efficient Design

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There are at least four homes
in Vermont that stay warm all through the winter without burning
any wood, or spending a dollar on heating oil. These are certified passive houses.
Using the energy of the sun and ultra-efficient building techniques and
materials, it’s possible to build a home today that uses very little energy.

We’ll learn about these innovations
in energy efficient construction with Peter Schneider of Efficiency Vermont,  Jacob Racusin of New Frameworks Natural Building, and Craig Peltier of Vermont Housing and Conservation Board.

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Also in the program, Vermont has been taxing energy bills for over a decade to pay
for a statewide energy efficiency program. That money mostly goes to
large-scale improvements, but what about homeowners who want to get better
insulation, or double-pane windows? We’ll find out about energy efficient
retrofitting: what’s possible now, and what programs have been proposed for the

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