Educating homeless kids

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When a family becomes homeless, there are myriad questions and hardships it grapples with: finding temporary housing, accessing social services and securing employment. But one office in the Department of Education is focused on a singular challenge for these families: keeping the kids in a steady school environment. Mike Mulcahy of the with the state’s Education for Homeless Children and Youth program explains the effort to keep these kids in school, and the increase in "situational poverty" that has more families relying on these services.

Also in the program: tips on tipping. Workers who rely on tips for their take-home earnings may have keener insight into our tipping habits than anyone. Are you tipping less on restaurant bills, or opting not to leave a tip for some services? We hear from workers who rely on tips about what they’re seeing in the till, and experts from the Emily Post Institute answer your questions on whom to tip, how much, and whether it’s ok to cut back on tipping as we try to trim expenses.

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