Devil In The Details: Fulfilling Vermont’s Health Care Goals

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A law that was passed last year set the course for major changes in Vermont’s health care system, but the details are being worked out this year in the Legislature. One of the key issues will be the structure of the health care exchange, a type of marketplace for consumers to compare health insurance plans. We talk with Rep. Michael Fisher, chair of the Health Care Committee, and Sen. Vince Illuzzi of Essex-Orleans about some of the controversial provisions and the overall goal of single-payer health care.

Also in the program, the prognosis for Waterbury’s physical and economy recovery from Tropical Storm Irene. We’ll talk with Rep. Tom Stevens and Rep. Rebecca Ellis about the prospects for state workers returning to town and how that impacts Waterbury’s business community.


And, we listen back to some of the voices in this week’s news.

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