Dairy’s Value-Added Future

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The number of dairy farms in Vermont has dropped to 991 from over 25,000 in 1920. But the authors of a new report say the future of dairy in the state will have a lot to do with providing milk for "value-added" products and finding markets for dairy beyond wholesale milk.

Ellen Kahler is Executive Director of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, the organization that produced the report. She discusses its findings and recommendations.

Also on the program, the military devotes a lot of money and resources to training for combat and to treating post-combat stress. Now there’s research underway at Norwich University in Northfield that is looking at whether Transcendental Meditation will not only make better soldiers, but inoculate them from the psychological trauma of combat.

And we take advantage of the winter weather to go on a guided tour through Maquam Bog at the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge.

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