Capital Gridlock

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From how to repair potholes to how to fund health care,
legislators and the governor can never seem to agree. We look at how deep the divisions are between
parties, and between both legislative branches. And we
examine what solutions there might be for compromise. Our guests are lobbyist Steve Kimbell, a
former policy director for Governor Kunin, and Con Hogan, a former
Secretary of Human Services under Governor Snelling and Governor Dean.

Then we turn to New Hampshire’s
legislature. Valley News reporter John
Gregg says lawmakers are even more partisan in the Granite
State than in Vermont. Gregg joins us to talk about New
Hampshire lawmakers’ differences over key items like the
budget, and how to fund education.

And, we talk with VPR Classical host Walter Parker who often
brings musicians into the studio for live performances. Parker shares with us a recent performance by
violinist Soovin Kim.


Listener comment on gridlock in Montpelier:

Michael in South Burlington:

Douglas has nothing but talking points and propaganda. The Democrats can’t seem to really energize the public to get behind bills they should otherwise support. Also, the Democrats are wasting time and money on [campaign] finance reform; the governor has capitalized on it. The Vermont Yankee debacle last year was a clear example of how the Legislature had a great bill but, because local business groups like GBIC and LCRCC opposed paying for it, they shifted this bill’s financing to Vermont Yankee. Many Vermonters liked the bill but did not like the funding source. However the Legislature could not get the business community or the Vermont public behind this bill with every man, woman and business paying their part.

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