Canada/U.S. Relations

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We share the longest undefended border in the world and our diplomatic relationship
is peaceful, but residents of the United States and Canada can point to
significant differences between the two countries. We talk with David
Jones and David Kilgour, authors of the recent book, Uneasy Neighbors,
about the military, industrial and cultural tension points between
Canada and the United States. Jones was a U.S. foreign service officer
in Ottawa, and Kilgour was a Canadian member of Parliament for 25 years.

Also in the program, do you know who’s running for president? A few
candidates are getting nearly all the attention in Thursday’s Iowa
caucuses and next week’s New Hampshire primary. But a group of Saint
Michael’s College students has started "The Minor Candidate Report," an online service that provides
detailed information about 20 or so candidates whose names you may
not recognize.

And the Opera Theatre of Weston stages "Die Fledermaus," or "The Bat."
The comic opera brings together accomplished singers and musicians for
seasonal performances in Rutland and Weston.

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