Bullying, Harassment, Hazing:

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We hear a lot about bullying in schools these days- both physically
and online. But what exactly constitutes bullying?  Are the mean girls in the bathroom the same
as the guy who steals your lunch money? School administrators are tasked with figuring
out whether student behavior constitutes bullying, harassment, or more run of
the mill interpersonal conflicts. They’re also responsible for investigating
cyberbullying -which might happen at night or on the weekends. State laws help
to define which behaviors require intervention and a new statewide
advisory council helps to coordinate training and assessment.

We’ll hear from two members of the state’s Harassment, Hazing and Bullying Prevention Advisory Council: Tracey Tsugawa, of the Vermont Human Rights Commission,  and Ken Page, of the Vermont Principal’s Association.
We’ll also hear from some principals around the state.

Here are a few anti-bullying videos made by local teens that we enjoyed watching.

Post your questions, comments, or stories about bullying here
or email them to vermontedition@vpr.net.

Also on the program, we’ll hear from filmmaker Eugene
Jarecki on his new documentary about the war on drugs. 

Plus, how traditional crafts like basket weaving are being
kept alive by modern practitioners.

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