Buddhism in Vermont

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By some estimates, there are
more Buddhists per capita in Vermont than in any other state. There are a certainly quite
a few Buddhist education and retreat centers throughout the state, including a
nunnery in Bristol.

Buddhism has been popular with
Westerners since the early 1970’s, and there is also a large Tibetan population
in the state who practice their own form of Buddhism.

What does it mean to be a
practicing Buddhist, and how does that practice affect the fabric of this
state? We’ll learn about Buddhism in Vermont with Bill Brauer of Karme Choling Shambala Retreat Center, Dharman Rice of the Vermont Zen Center, and Sonam Chophel of the Tibetan
Association of Vermont





Are you a Buddhist? How does
your practice affect your life here in Vermont? Post your questions or comments about Buddhism or
email them to vermontedition@vpr.net.


Also in the program, Vermont baker Gretel-Ann Fischer. Fischer is among
three finalists on television competition "Next Great Baker" on TLC, and
the winner will be announced in Monday
night’s broadcast. We talk with Fischer about the competition, the
results and why she says winning the $100,000 prize would help keep her
Winooski bakery, Cupp’s, in business.

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