Bill targets domestic violence

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Experts in domestic violence have been coming to the Senate Judiciary
Committee one day a week since the 2007-08 legislative session began,
offering testimony and insight into the complex issues that surround
abuse. The committee has now formulated a bill that might
address some of the concerns. We talk with Diane Jabar, legal issues coordinator for the Vermont Network against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and with Winona Ward, founder of Have
Justice Will Travel, about the issues and the solutions.

Also in the program, the Burlington airport has undergone noticeable
expansion in the last few years, and more is on the way. We talk with
airport director Brian Searles about new services and the airport’s role
in the regional economy. (Listen)

And a local rink is still making ice the old fashioned way – we visit Randolph to find out how. (Listen)


Listener comments:

"I am appalled at the men who called the show today blaming domestic violence as an excuse for divorce. I am a survivor and the only way I could get a divorce was with the help of Wynona Ward and Have Justice Will Travel. I had no money and three children at home at the time and waited six months for legal representation from HJWT because of the high volume of DV cases that they had. It is a misnomer that women use DV as an excuse to get a divorce and if it were not for programs like HJWT women would have no choice but to stay in an abusive marriage. Our state government must be more aware at the rising volume of abuse cases and the lack of representation women get both legally and in an advocacy role."

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