Banking On It: How A State Bank Works

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Vermont lawmakers are contemplating the idea of a state bank in a bill
now in House and Senate committees that would establish a study
committee to examine the idea. Only one state, North Dakota, has a
state-owned and operated bank that is backed by the state’s general
fund. But the idea of a state bank is catching on in several states that
are seriously considering the idea.

We talk with Eric Hardmeyer,
president of the Bank of North Dakota, about how BND operates and with
Marc Armstrong of the Public Banking Institute about why his
organization is helping other states start similar institutions. Then,
we talk with Vermont state Senator Anthony Pollina, who supports
studying a state bank for Vermont, and Chris Delia of the Vermont
Bankers Association, which opposes the idea.

on the program, we get an update on the effectiveness of electronic
medical records that have been incorporated in many hospitals and
medical facilities from Dr. David Cochran of VITL.

And we read listener comments from our mailbag.

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