Attorney General Bill Sorrell

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This week, a ruling by Judge J. Garvan Murtha in the Vermont Yankee lawsuit went against the owners of the nuclear power plant. Judge Murtha will be presiding in Entergy’s suit against Vermont questioning the state’s authority to deny its continued operation after March 2012.

We talk with Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell about the recent ruling by Judge Murtha, the Supreme Court decision on Vermont’s data mining case and other recent court cases involving the state. Vermont Law School Professor Michael Dworkin also provides perspective on what we can learn from Judge Murtha’s decision this week.

Plus, who was Bruce Springsteen singing about in his 1984 hit "Glory Days?" The song features one of Springsteen’s old baseball teammates – a melancholy, former high school pitcher who can’t help but talk about his prime, long after it’s passed. Many people are surprised to learn that it is a current Vermonter.

And we return to Summer School for a lesson on how to whittle. Dave Tuttle of Walpole, New Hampshire, teaches whittling at craft centers around Vermont and the country. He shows us how to carve an eastern bluebird.

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