Are you middle class?

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Do you identify as a member of the middle class? Most Americans do, though depending on which
factors you include, anywhere from 25% to 75% of Americans could be middle
class. We take a closer look at how
income, education, and family background, help define class today, and whether
or not such class distinctions matter in today’s society. Our guests include UVM Economics Chair,
Elaine McCrate, and St. Michael’s College Sociology Professor, Vince Bolduc. (Listen)

Also, Governor Jim Douglas recently signed into law a bill
that makes Vermont the first
state to allow companies to set up virtual headquarters in the state. We talk with the creator of the idea, New
York law professor, David Johnson, about how it could
benefit both companies, and the state of Vermont. (Listen)

And, Shape Note singing involves using little squares,
ovals, triangles and diamonds to designate musical notes. Today, the centuries old practice is
experiencing a sort of revival, and in Vermont,
you can find singing events in churches, community centers, and schools all
over the state. We bring you the sounds
of one held earlier this summer in Newbury. (Listen)

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