Animal Cruelty

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Last month an undercover
Humane Society investigation exposed alleged animal cruelty at a Grand Isle
slaughterhouse. We examine this notion of animal
cruelty: what is it?  How is it
determined?  What are our
responsibilities to the other sentient creatures in our midst?   Joanne Bourbeau from the Humane Society and Steven Fesmire from Green Mountain College join us to grapple with these questions. Listen

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If you want to report a case of animal cruelty.  Go to the Vermont Animal Cruelty Task Force.

Then a conversation with Brian Lindner, team leader and one of the original founders of the Waterbury Backcountry Rescue Team, who will talk to us about the way new technologies have affected backcountry rescues.  And discuss the controversial question of rescue repayment laws. Listen 

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