18th Century French Fort Uncovered

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After the recent demolition
of the Crown
Point Bridge, archaeologists digging through the rubble uncovered
what seems to be the remnants of a 300 year old French Fort. Our guests
are state archeologist Giovanna Peebles and John Crock, the director of
the consulting archaeology program at the
University of Vermont.  They’ll tell us about the significance of this
find, what it teaches us about 18th century Vermont, and how to learn
about everyday life from found objects.

Also in the program, the localvore movement and the ingenuity of a longtime farming community have fueled a food renaissance in Hardwick. We talk with Ben Hewitt, author of "The Town That Food
Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food."

And VPR’s Steve Zind reports on the Combat Paper Project, an arts program that helps soldiers turn
their old
uniforms into handmade paper for journals.

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