The Annual Summer Baseball Show

In the AL East, the Yankees are leading the pack, while the Red Sox are still struggling to keep themselves out of last place. We take a look at how the baseball season is unfolding, and what to watch for in the coming months.

Annual Baseball Show

Baseball’s All-Star Game is coming up, and that means it’s time for Vermont Edition’s Annual Baseball Show.

Annual Baseball Show!

Baseball’s annual All-Star Game means it’s time for Vermont Edition’s annual baseball show! The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are fighting for the top spot in the American League East. We’ll look at baseball’s most storied rivalry, and the close pennant races across Major League Baseball.

Annual Baseball Show!

Every year near the All-Star Break, Bob Kinzel hosts our baseball call-in program. Die-hard Red Sox and Yankees pledge allegiance to their teams, and we dip into some of the history that makes baseball America’s past time.