Evening Newscast: October 29, 2007

Both VT’s U.S. Senators will oppose legislation granting immunity to telephone companies that wiretapped phones without a federal court order; Castleton State College plans $30 million bond for campus expansion; more…

VPR Evening News September 18th, 2007

A prominent Vermont lawyer who represents a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay,Cuba, is concerned that the federal government is tapping his phones, A new study concludes the price tag to repair the states roads and bridges is larger than previously projected, Governors are the country are concerned about federal funding for a children’s health insurance program that is due to run out by the end of the month, and Commentator Bill Shubart wonders if local lessons can be drawn from the exodus of Bush Administration officials.

Welch will work to defeat wiretapping law extension

Congressman Peter Welch says he’ll work to defeat the extension of a new federal wiretapping law that was passed in late July. Welch says he’s disappointed that a number of Democrats caved in from pressure from the White House and supported the bill.

Leahy receives White House executive privilege letter

Senator Patrick Leahy returned to Washington today in hopes the Bush Administration would meet the Judiciary Committee’s deadline for information on warrantless wiretapping.But Leahy returned to Washington only to find a letter.