As Demand Grows For Firewood, So Do Complaints

Record-setting snowfall and sub-zero temperatures in the Northeast have led to increased demand for firewood this heating season. There’s also been an up-tick in complaints by consumers who say they’re getting less firewood than they pay for.

Oil prices and winter heating costs

We check in with Matt Cota, head of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association about trends in oil prices and how customers are approaching this winter. Also, Jane Lindholm talks with mayor Thomas Lauzon about how he envisions the city’s future.And Glover schoolkids help get veggies into their lunchroom.

Crisis in dairy pricing

Agriculture Secretary Roger Allbee joins us to discuss why prices paid to adiry farmers are particularly low this season. Also, how consumers are deciding whether to pre-buy winter heating fuel. And, as summer theaters open, the etiquette of being an audience member.