Scott Says Waterbury Complex Plans May Have To Be Scaled Back

Lt. Governor Phil Scott says the state is committed to bringing employees back to the Office Complex in Waterbury. But Scott says plans for a new, energy efficient office building for the Waterbury complex may have to be scaled back if the state doesn’t get enough money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Loss Of State Complex Sinks In For Waterbury Businesses

Ever since the State Office Complex was wiped out by the Irene floods, the state work force of about 1,300 people has been dispersed across central and northwestern Vermont. Now, only 200 state workers are in Waterbury every day, and the prospects of when others will return are far from certain.

State Examines Rebuilding Options in Waterbury

The Shumlin Administration was hoping to demolish more than 20 buildings in the State Office Complex in Waterbury that suffered extensive damage from Tropical Storm Irene. But now the Administration is considering the option of renovating many of these buildings and flood proofing them as much as possible.

Governor Peter Shumlin

Governor Peter Shumlin discusses the future of the Waterbury office complex, his plan to build a 25-bed psychiatric hospital and to add beds at Rutland Regional Medical Center and Brattleboro Retreat.