VPR Evening News October 8th, 2008

Wall St. bailout becomes a key issue in House race; Revitalizing the Northern Forest economy; The Liberty Union Party is fielding a full slate of candidates; and commentator Deborah Luskin on Reading and Discussion programs.

VPR Evening News September 29th, 2008

Peter Welch votes against Wall St. bail-out; N.H. members of Congress also oppose bailout bill; Gaye Symington says Vermonters were against the bailout bill; Green Auction raises money for the state; Justice Dept. criminal investigation announced; Vermont gets PTSD grant; Congress doubles money for LIHEAP; Brattleboro will buy cleaner-burning biodiesel fuel for school buses; Boston Bruins in-state for preseason practice.

Protesters frustrated by Wall Street bailout

Frustration with plans to bail out Wall Street has spilled onto Main Streets across America. In Vermont, protesters raised signs – and their voices – against the federal government spending 700 billion dollars to rescue banks. VPR’s Ross Sneyd was at their protest in Burlington on Thursday.