Voting Still In Question For NH College Students

The impact of out-of-state college students on New Hampshire elections is hard to determine. But it’s likely greater than in other states, because out-of-staters make up a larger share of student enrollment.

New Hampshire Voting Law Challenged

In New Hampshire, a Strafford County judge is hearing from advocacy groups suing the state over a new law that effectively blocks out-of-state students from voting there.

Condos Seeks Timelier Reporting

Secretary of State Jim Condos says he wants to require city and town clerks to report election results to his office on election night.

Lawmakers Debate Value Of Optical Scan Machines

Legislation that’s being considered in the Vermont House would require all communities that have more than 1000 voters to use optical scan vote tabulating machines beginning in the 2014 elections. Roughly 25 towns would be affected by the new requirement.

Vermonters no strangers to split ticket votes

Vermont voters are well known for crossing party lines to choose the candidate they think is best. This tendency to split the ticket is the reason why the state often votes for a Democratic candidate for president and a Republican for governor.  

Vermont communities report heavy turnout

Communities across the state are reporting heavy turnout for today’s election. Local officials say strong interest in the presidential race and perfect weather conditions could help the state set a new record for voter participation.