Vital Signs: Containing Health Care Costs

While there’s strong disagreement over proposals for universal health care, there’s no question that controlling costs is key. We look at various strategies to do that. Also, a Colchester company advises large employers on how to contain health care costs by assigning "health care coaches."

Vital Signs: One Doctor’s Perspective On Reform

Dr. Elliot Fisher, Director of Population Health and Policy at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, discusses the physician’s role in the health system overhaul, and the challenges doctors face in adapting to new approaches to how we deliver and pay for health care.

Vital Signs: First Steps Toward Single Payer

Vermonters will see significant changes in health care over the next several years, but there are many questions about what that means for patients and for doctors. The bill being debated now in the legislature lays the groundwork for a single payer system. But the changes would happen gradually. The second installment of Vital Signs examines the initial steps.