Douglas administration rips Entergy reorganization plan

Three weeks after Gov. Jim Douglas vetoed legislation seeking guarantees behind the Vermont Yankee decommissioning fund, his administration is raising its own questions about the financial stability of a proposed new owner for the nuclear plant.

Douglas vetoes Vermont Yankee decommissioning bill

Governor Jim Douglas has vetoed a bill that would have required Vermont Yankee to guarantee there’s enough money to dismantle the nuclear plant when it shuts down. Douglas said the legislation would have forced Yankee to charge more for electricity. But Democrats pounced on the veto, and accused the governor of protecting Yankee’s out-of-state owners.

VT House sustains Governor’s veto

The House has voted to sustain Governor Douglas’s veto of a campaign finance reform bill by a one-vote margin. Backers of the the legislation said it’s needed to keep big money out of Vermont politics, but opponents argued that it gives incumbents an unfair advantage.

Douglas warns Yankee bill could cause increase in rates

Governor Jim Douglas says Vermonters could pay higher electric rates because of a bill that requires Vermont Yankee to show it has enough money to decommission the plant. The decommissioning bill won final approval on Thursday in the House. It will soon head to the governor for his signature – or his veto.