Vermont Yankee Debate Heats Up On Two Fronts

The legal debate over the future of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is heating up at federal appeals court and at the state Public Service Board. The state this week laid out a detailed case for why the plant should not get a new 20 year state permit to operate.

PSB Looking Into Georgia Wind Violations

State regulators have delivered strong words of warning to developers of a Georgia Mountain wind project. The company has admitted it has violated conditions of its state permit. And the Public Service Board is considering imposing penalties.

State Regulators Examine Utility Secrecy

State regulators are taking a closer look at what kinds of information utilities should be allowed to keep secret. In recent years, power companies have opted not to reveal the price they’ve agreed to pay under certain power contracts. And the Public Service Board is asking whether this kind of secrecy is always justified.