Vt. Panel Suggests New Lawmaker Map

A panel charged by the Vermont Legislature with redrawing the state’s representative districts wants to create 150 single-member House districts.

Sanders Reaffirms Political Priorities

Senator Bernie Sanders discusses the election results and how they might affect what he wants to accomplish in the Senate over the next two years. And we talk to journalist Anne Galloway about a superior court ruling that Hartford police must release documents regarding an incident in which they pulled an African-American man from his own home, believing he was a burglar.

Your Turn: The 2010 Vermont Campaigns

As the election season comes to an end, we solicit your views on the candidates, issues and tone of this year’s campaigns. Also, VPR’s Tim Johnson offers a few observations on the most visible ‘signs’ of the election.  And a UVM biologist extols the virtues of whale poop.

Making Movies, Finding Audiences In Vermont

We talk with a few Vermont filmmakers about how they get their films funded, made, and distributed. We also have an interview with Peter Diamondstone, Socialist candidate for Senate. And VPR’s John Dillon explains the Vermont Attorney General’s lawsuits over campaign finance violations.

The Anti-Incumbent Wave

Middlebury College political science professor emeritus Eric Davis examines how the anti-incumbent trend could influence some of Vermont’s primary and general election races.