Financing Plan Divides Child Care Advocates

Governor Peter Shumlin’s plan to finance a major expansion of child care programs is sharply dividing Vermont’s early childhood community. There’s nearly unanimous support for the proposal to increase funding for child care subsidies. But there’s disagreement over how to pay for the initiative.

Vt. Senate Advances Immigrant License Bill

The Vermont Senate overwhelmingly advanced a bill on Friday that would give driver’s licenses to immigrants who are in the country illegally. The bill would create what are described as drivers’ authorization cards that would look different from a regular state license.

House Approves Ban On Wild Boar

If lawmakers have their way, wild boar will not find a home in the Vermont woods. Wild boar and feral pigs are a nuisance species around the country. Vermont wildlife officials are concerned that the animals could escape from captive hunting facilities and take hold in the Green Mountains.

Expert: Lyme Disease Just One Part Of Tick-Borne Epidemic

Patients living with Lyme disease crowded the Statehouse on Wednesday to tell their stories about years of misdiagnosis and chronic pain. The patients and their advocates want legislation to protect doctors if they prescribe long-term antibiotic treatment contrary to current medical standards.

Lawmakers Look To Soften Irene’s Financial Blow

Job losses in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene were in many cases temporary, lasting only as long as it took businesses to repair damage from the flood. The financial impact of those layoffs has been more lasting, but lawmakers may have found a way to soften the blow.