Academics Mark 150th Anniversary Of Morrill Act’s Signing

One-hundred-fifty years ago Monday, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Act. That’s a law named for Senator Justin Morrill of Strafford that established a system of public colleges and universities devoted to engineering and agriculture. And those schools today enroll nearly five million students.

The Underground Railroad In Vermont

Vermont’s abolitionist history is strong, and every town has its stories of secret rooms where, it’s believed, Vermonters hid fugitive slaves, helping them on their way to freedom. But historical documents from the mid-1800s suggest a different reality – where the Underground Railroad was not an organized movement, and escaped slaves didn’t actually have to be hidden away.

Predicting The End, Then And Now

In the 1840s, people across Vermont and much of the northeast were preparing for judgment day. A local preacher, William Miller, had predicted that the end was coming, and that it would be sometime between March of 1843 and March of 1844.

Americana Museums Reinvent Themselves, Attract New Visitors

Americana museums exist in many forms and many sizes across the country, from local historical societies to the Shelburne Museum in Vermont to the Smithsonian in Washington. Many of these museums have been having more trouble attracting visitors in recent years, and are trying a variety of innovative things in an effort to change that.

African-American History In Vermont

Historian Elise Guyette discusses her new book, "Discovering Black Vermont" and the families she researched who prospered in Hinesburg in the 1800s. Also, virtual classrooms will soon be teaching Vermont students, and the Norwich University marching band upholds its tradition as the oldest collegiate band in America.

18th Century French Fort Uncovered

The demolition of the Lake Champlain Bridge uncovered an 18th century French fort at Chimney Point. Two archaeologists describe what they’re learning from the site.  Also, we talk with Ben Hewitt about Hardwick’s local agricultural movement.  And, soldiers make art out of their uniforms.