Green Mountain Care Board Considers Controlling Health Costs

The odor of scorched tires, faint but unmistakable, figuratively hung over last week’s meeting between the Green Mountain Care Board and representatives of Vermont’s hospitals. For the first time, the rubber began hitting the road on health care cost containment in the state, the linchpin of Governor Peter Shumlin’s single payer reform initiative.

Analysis: Evaluating Health Board’s Performance On Hospital Budgets

The Green Mountain Care Board has now completed its approval process for the coming year’s budgets for Vermont’s 14 hospitals. It was the board’s first effort and marked the third iteration in the state’s effort to regulate health care costs. The first was the Hospital Data Council that ran through the 1980s and early 1990s; that morphed into BISHCA, which first got the power to set budgets in the mid-1990s; and now the Green Mountain Care Board, which has the same powers as BISHCA, but should have far greater weight than its predecessor.

Vermont Set To Increase Medicaid Eligibility With Federal Money

The state of Vermont is set to receive several hundred million dollars in new Medicaid funds as part of the Affordable Care Act. Vermont’s Medicaid program will benefit from the Affordable Care Act because the state’s congressional delegation worked to increase Vermont’s overall Medicaid funding rate.