Winter Conditions Create Traffic Problems Across Vermont

There were nasty reminders across Vermont this morning that the winter driving season is upon us. State police say a 43-year-old Rutland woman died today after her car spun around on an icy bridge and into oncoming traffic on U.S. Route 7.

Transportation Board Takes On Big Issues

The Vermont Transportation Board is seeking public input on transportation issues facing Vermont. The board is holding six public hearings around the state this fall, starting this week.

Vermont Hopes To Raise Interstate Truck Weight Limit

The Shumlin administration is urging Congress to grant Vermont a waiver to allow heavier trucks to use the interstate highway system. Transportation officials want to get these big trucks out of Vermont’s downtowns. The leaders say road damage from Tropical Storm Irene makes the situation even more critical.

Vermont’s Transportation Projects

Vermont Transportation Secretary David Dill discusses how the federal stimulus money is being spent and he provides an update on other construction projects. Plus, we hear about the Long Trail School’s new International Baccalaureate program.